Footwear for women

As specialists in footwear production we make every effort to make the offered goods stand out on the Polish and foreign market. High quality, refined details and original designs is what our products guarantee. Discover our range of products and you’ll find out that women’s footwear is no secret to us.

Footwear for women – how to select them?

Properly selected footwear is one of the most important decisions we can make when buying shoes. Few people are aware of the consequences caused by a poor choice of shoe length, width or quality. Our feet are not the same, that is why a narrow footwear is chosen by a person with narrow feet, and another person will choose a slightly wider footwear. To meet the expectations of our customers, our offer has been prepared in such a way that everyone will find their own perfectly matched shoe.


Footwear for women – sandals, boot, pins, high heels, brogue shoes?

There is nothing to say whatsoever. Women love shoes, and there is no place to argue about. We like to match them, choose colors, have another pair of beautiful slippers for every occasion. Being aware of the current trends and fascinations that women have, we are prepared to meet the expectations with shoes for every occasion and every season. You will find here sandals, boots, high heels, pins, brogue shoes and slippers. All of them are made of the best quality components and natural raw materials, and their main purpose is to give you pleasure of everyday use..

Footwear for women with corpulent feet

The right choice of footwear is not only about making a decision on size or colour, it is equally important to choose the right bulkyness/corpulency. Bulkyness/Corpulency is the perimeter of the widest part of the foot. If you have increased bulkyness, wide feet or halux, we are aware that finding the right footwear is a serious problem for you. In our offer you will find many interesting footwear designs with increased bulkyness. Thanks to the natural leather used inside of the footwear and innovative, comfortable inserts you will feel relaxed.

Orthopaedic and preventive treatment  footwear

Our feet require special treatment, thanks to them our body can move, so it is worth taking special care of them. Incorrectly positioned foot leads to a bad posture of the body while walking, that results in posture defects and serious illnesses. Considering this fact, we have put in our offer orthopaedic and treatment shoes to prevent posture defects. Made from natural materials, they are durable, provide comfort of carrying and proper hygiene of feet.

Medical footwear

Comfortable medical footwear is recommended especially for women working in the healthcare sector. They are made of natural leather and have a comfortable insert, thanks to which they provide sufficient softness during long hours of work. They are light and thanks to the used components, they ensure proper air circulation.